Walter D Sample

FREE PRESS & HERALD, Tupper Lake, N. Y Wednesday, October 27, 1975


Father of Mrs. Reta Gale Celebrates 100th
Birthday With Open House on October 9-10}
Recalls Pioneer Life as Farmer in Quebec
Walter Sample of Pittsburgh,
the father of Mrs. Reta Gale of
Childwold, celebrated his 100th
birthday with a two-day open
house held in his honor on Oct.
9 and 10 at this home in that city.
A native of Hemmingford, Que.,
Mr. Sample was born Oct. 9, 1876
and was a dairy farmer until he
was 71 years old.’ In 1947 he and
his wife, Mina Rodgers Sample,
moved to Pittsburgh to make
their home. Mrs. Sample died
there at the age of 84, in 1959. –
Mr. and Mrs. Sample had eight
children: six daughters and two
sons: Mrs. Reta Gale of Childwold;
Gladys Perras, Evelyn Parrott
and Phyllis Sample all of
Pittsburgh, and Ethel Smith of
Hemmingford, Que. Another
daughter, Pearl McNaughton of
Hemmingford, died in 1948; Wilmer
Sample of Hemmingford,
Que., still farms on the family
homestead where he raises purebred
Guernsey cattle. Melbourne
Sample of Hemmingford, died in
1941; also 13 grandchildren, 25
great-grandchildren, and four
Mr. Sample, who still retains a
very keen memory, often speaks
of his ancestors and his younger
days, recalling that his grandfather
and family came from northern
Ireland and sailed across
the ocean in a small boat, a journey
which took two weeks. They
had only salted food to eat and
lost two of their children, who
died of scurvy and were buried
at sea. When they landed they
immigrated to Covey Hill, Que
and took up land which they cleared
and on which they built a log
house, making their living from
the land. They tilled enough land
to grow flax, which Mr. Sample’s
grandfather would take thirty
miles in an oxen-drawn wagon
La LaPrairie, Que., where he
would trade the flax for leather
which he would use to make^his
children’s shoes. The trip to La-
Prairie was a three-day venture
at that time.
Mr. Sample at one time had
three farms in Hemmingford, one
which he owned and worked. He
was also a great horseman, having
raised and trained many of them,
and took great pride in showing
his stock at fairs. He has a great
many blue ribbons to show for his
Mr. Sample, who celebrated his
100th birthday in the bicentennial
yefir, attributes his long life to his
good wife to whom he was married
for over 60 years, many years of
hard work, being happy, and having
a family which loves him and
cares for him, as well as a deep
love for his fellow men.
Over a hundred persons attended
the open house to extend their
food wishes, and the guest of honor
was very proud to receive
telegrams from President Ford,
Governor Carey, Prime Minister
Pierre Trudeau of Canada, and
Queen Elizabeth. A congratulatory
letter was also received by him
from Pittsburgh’s Mayor Roland
St. Pierre.
Mr. Sample lives at 4 Bailey
ave. in Pittsburgh with his daughter,

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