Julia Ann Rossman

Julia Ann Rossman was born to William Rossman and Jerusha Warren Rossman on the 12th of November, 1815. The family was living in New York state at the time. Julia was the eldest child of William and Jerusha’s. When Julia was a young girl, the Rossman family moved to Ohio, and settled in the Madison area, Geauga and Lake Counties.

On July 6, 1832, Julia married Joel Kirby. They lived in the Cinncinati area early in their marriage, and then moved to the Painesville, Ohio area, and that became home for the family. Together, Joel and Julia had 12 children. They lost their eldest son, Oscar, during the Civil War. Joel also enlisted in the Ohio Calvary during the war. They lost their daughter, Lamore, to consumption when she was a young woman, not yet married. They lost a few other children as young adults as well. How hard to outlive most of your children.

The last few years of her life, Julia Kirby lived with her son, Edward, and his wife, Hattie Parsons Kirby. She died the 8th of February, 1901. Her burial records say that she suffered from “paralysis,” perhaps she had had a stroke. It appears as though her life was full, and that she dealt with more than a small portion of pain. I believe that her love has come down through the generations, to each of her descendants, seeing that her legacy lives on.

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