Henry Yando


Henry Yando, One of Proprietors of
Union Garage Met With Untimely
Death on Wednesday.
A distressing accident occurred at
the Union Garage on Wednesday
morning at about 11 o’clock, which
resulted in the fatal injury to Henry
Yando,” one of the proprietors, followed
by his death a few hours later
in the Alice Hyde hospital at Malone.
Mr. Yando and Mr. Teeter were
engaged in repairing a big six
Studebaker and had the machine
elevated from the floor by means of
hook and chains. Both men were
working side by side, when Mr.
Teeter went to the opposite side of
the car to secure a tool and as he
did so he heard a slight crash. He
called to his companion, asking
what caused the noise, but receiving
no response he quickly made his
way to the place occupied by Mr.
Yando and was horrified to find him
pinned beneath the rear fender and
the wheel, in such a manner that
his head was caught in the narrow
space between these parts of the
machine. With superhuman effort
Mr. Teeter lifted the machine,
which released the unfortunate
man, who fell into his rescuer’s
Mr. Teeter realized the seriousness
of the injuries and Dr. Tobr
was hurriedly summoned and upon
examination it was found that the
skull had. been fractured, check
bones crushed, nose broken and his
face badly lacerated. Arrangements
were immediately made to
convey the unfortunate man to the
hospital, where further examination
confirmed the accuracy of the hurried
examination made here. Every
effort was made by Dr. J. D. Harrigan.
who took charge of the case,
to bring relief to the sufferer, but
so seriously had he been crushed and
injured that it was impossible to
save his life and he passed away at
745 that evening without regaining
.Mr. Yando came here from Malone
late in April and on May 1st he
entered into partnership with Glenn
G. Teeter in conducting the Union
Garage in the rear of the Union
House. He was an experienced
workman and those with whom he
came in contact during his brief
residence here found him to be a
man of pleasing qualities and genial
disposition. He was 52 years of
age, and is survived by his widow
who was formerly Lelia Newton, of
Burke, his parents, who reside in
Malone, and two brothers, also residents
of Malone, and one brother
living in Holyoke, Mass.
The affair was a most distressing
one in every detail and much sympathy
Is expressed at the untimely

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